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UNICRETE is floor coating material for polyurethane-type concrete surface used by mixing Part 1, Part 2 and powder It is excellent in protecting concrete surface and water-proof effect and durability from external shocks or chemical substances. It is an innovative product designed to endure chemical corrosion, serious friction or frequent shock. 



- It is excellent in its resistance against acid, alkali, salinity and solvents.
- It is two times as strong as concrete by combining urethane and cement.
- Being a solvent-free agent, it is a environment-friendly product to take the worker's safety into account.
- It is free from separation or dropping due to strong impact.
- It is excellent in its workability and economical efficiency.
- It is excellent in smoothing with its good self-leveling function.



- A floor of concrete-type parking lot
- A floor of a factory with chemical devices.
- A floor of a food factory
- A floor of a pulp and paper factory
- Floors of a department store or other big stores like a Wall-mart where a lot of people come and go.



- Colors      Red, green, gray and
                  other colors
- Volume percent of solids    (%) Over 99
- Dry paint film     3~5mm (at a time)
- Theoretical painting amount  9~9.5kg/m²
                                           (on the basis of 5mm)
- Gloss         Semi-gloss
- Finishing Coat      Possible to coat acryl-
                             urethane and Epoxy

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