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Thermoplastic paint for roadmarking

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This powder type paint is made by mixing thermoplastic resin with white, yellow, blue and extender pigments. After heating and melting, this paint is used to mark lanes on road or runway surfaces .(corresponds to KSM6080 Class4). (When applying,use it fusion heating to 180~210) 



- Hot melt type
- Quick dry(Complete dry Within 3min)
- No Solvent
- Excellent Durability, adhesion, concealment with colors.
- Special Resistance to water, alkali, weathering.
- Environment Friendly and convenient for using soluble resin bag with inner contents.



- Middle line on the Asphalt or Concrete road, Marking pedestrian Zone, Cross, Stop line for car, Parking line, edge, end line, No passing zone, Special Marking



- Appearance Powder
- Colors White, Yellow, Blue
- Theoretical dry thickness 1.5㎜
- Theoretical Usage 461g/m,15㎝(3kg/m²)
* Above data is our experienced, Therefore, Be careful to the situation of actual field.

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Thermoplastic paint for roadmarking

Thermoplastic paint for roadmarking